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The path to getting Sport: Ship Dog of the Great Lakes published has been long and zig-zaggy!
I’ve enjoyed meeting so many people who have shared Great Lakes history. The many visits I’ve taken to maritime and other historical sites have been fun, and sometimes harrowing. More about the beautiful, bumpy and washed out road to Crisp Point in future blogs. I hope to share what made Sport’s story much more than a 32 page children’s picture book! Thanks for reading along…..

Until I Saw the Sea

Until I saw the sea I did not know that wind could wrinkle water so. I never knew that sun could splinter a whole sea of blue. Nor did I know before, a sea breathes in and out upon a shore. Poem by Lilian Moore

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The shorelines of Lakes Ontario, Erie, Huron, Michigan and Superior add up to more than 9,500 miles. That figure is larger than the combined east and west coasts of continental United States. And all the water in these lakes? More than 6 quadrillion gallons. That makes the lakes the largest body of fresh water on earth.